SHEED Lighting Company started its professional activities in the field of lighting of buildings and urban spaces at the time (very beginning of the 2000s), which in Iran, the urban nightlife area was not rich in the absence of high-quality lighting. Nocturnal darkness like the dark sky is precious; but the darkness of those days in the cities of Iran, was caused by a neglect of the quality of light or neglect from the perspective of high-quality lighting. Sheed Lighting Company has tried and continued to strive for new urban nightlife with its new definition and design of artificial urban lighting.

Another mission of Sheed Company is to define urban lighting design (lighting and illumination) as a multidisciplinary activity that includes diverse disciplines, such as engineering, art, sociology, urban studies, architecture, urbanization, history, and more. Sheed believes that urban lighting design, equipped with the tool of study and science, should be tailored to the level of individual and managerial tastes, to the level of process-oriented, imaginative and professional activities. In this way, Sheed has addressed all the areas that ensure the quality of night life in our cities, including:

  • Designing urban lighting and light master plans Defining, planning and designing projects for the development of urban nightlife (Light & Sound projects, Festivals, Lighting events, etc.).
  • Designing and implementing lighting projects for historic and contemporary urban buildings and constructions.
  • Designing and implementing lighting projects for Building Interior Spaces.
  • Urban lighting design (including lighting engineering and design of foundations and lighting fixtures) Designing urban landscapes, green areas and sites